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Archive of highlights

Presentations from NORMAN 15th General Assembly meeting in Frankfurt (7-8 December 2023) now available

NORMAN Joint Programme of Activities 2023

Berlin statement on legacy and emerging contaminants in polar regions

The Norman Early Warning System (NormaNEWS): a new retrospective analysis exchange platform for laboratories active in non-target screening

Presentations available: NORMAN 14th General Assembly meeting in Odense (1 - 2 December 2022)

Have your say about PM(T) substances – fill in the PROMISCES on-line survey and get a summary of the results

NORMAN and SCORE contribute to international efforts to tackle the Covid19 pandemic

Voice your support for a global science-policy body on chemicals and waste

NORMAN contributes to recommendations for estrogens monitoring in the aquatic environment

Technical Proposal for Effect-Based Monitoring and Assessment under the Water Framework Directive now published

NORMAN & Water Europe Position Paper “CECs in Urban Wastewater” – Recommendations for UWWT Directive review

Non-target screening can support regulatory environmental monitoring and chemicals management

Joint Danube Survey 4 (JDS4) Scientific Report available online

NORMAN Joint Programme of Activities for 2021

Results of NORMAN Collaborative Trial on Non-target analysis of house dust

10 Recommendations for the review of the Water Framework Directive in 2019

NORMAN Passive Sampling & Non-Target Screening Collaborative Trial kicks off June 2019

NORMAN Joint Programme of Activities for 2020

10 years of NORMAN in support of environmental policies and regulations

Issue N°6 of NORMAN Bulletin available online

NORMAN Joint Programme of Activities for 2019

4th Joint Danube Survey (JDS4) launched

Presentations from NORMAN Workshop: Prioritisation of emerging contaminants in Urban Wastewater (6 March 2019 in Paris) available

Presentations available: NORMAN 10th General Assembly meeting in Thessaloniki (29 - 30 November 2018)

NormaNEWS 2: Call for participants: A global emerging contaminant early warning exercise through the use of retrospective suspect screening with high-resolution mass spectrometry

NORMAN Position Paper on Passive Sampling for monitoring of contaminants in the aquatic environment

NORMAN NTS Collaborative Trial paper awarded amongst most cited for ABC in 2017

NORMAN Joint Programme of Activities for 2018

NormaNEWS for early warning of emerging contaminants: promising perspectives!

NORMAN CT - Bioassays for genotoxicity testing -  deadline for registration 15 June 2018

Presentations available: NORMAN 9th General Assembly meeting in Leipzig (30 November - 1 December 2017)

Presentations from NORMAN Databases Workshop (June 2017 in Berlin) available

NORMAN Joint Programme of Activities for 2017

Upcoming NORMAN GA meeting in Leipzig (30 November - 1 December 2017)

Presentations from NORMAN workshop: Integrated Exposure and Effects Assessment (April 2017 in Amsterdam) now available

Issue N°5 of NORMAN Bulletin available online

Presentations 10 years anniversary of the NORMAN network (October 2016 in Brussels)

NORMAN workshop on Multivariate statistical approaches to link chemical signals to effects on 24 January 2017 in Leipzig

Presentations of the workshop on Trends in sampling and preservation of samples for identification of emerging contaminants

NORMAN paper on NORMAN Collaborative Non-target Screening Trial

NORMAN - UBA Biocides Workshop (Berlin, 25-26 June 2015): Workshop report published

1st NORMAN workshop on analysis of problematic compounds - the presentations and the summary conclusions of the workshop are now available

Issue N°4 of NORMAN Bulletin available online

Presentations now available:  NORMAN - UBA Biocides Workshop (Berlin, 25-26 June 2015)

Invitation to participate in the new NORMAN Collaborative trial Non-target and suspect screening methods organic substances in indoor dust - registration by 30 October

1-2 Sept 2015 in Rhodos (Greece) -  Kick-off meeting NORMAN Cross-Working Group Activity on Non-Target Screening back-to-back to NORMAN Workshop on Analysis of problematic compounds

ANSWER - New MARIE-CURIE ITN Action launched on Antibiotics and mobile resistance elements in wastewater reuse applications: risks and innovative solutions

ILS on X-ray and MRI contrast agents in drinking water - deadline for registration 31 August 2015

NORMAN committed to a rich and ambitious programme of scientific activities for 2015: the NORMAN JPA 2015 is now launched

NORMAN 2015 Screening campaign of selected antibiotic resistance determinants and mobile genetic elements in WWTPs in Europe April 2015

Workshop on Environmental monitoring of biocides in Europe - compartment-specific strategies - 25-26 Jun 2015 Berlin (DE)

First NORMAN workshop on Emerging Pollutants in non-industrial indoor environment organised by NILU on 8-9 June 2015, Kjeller, Norway

New NORMAN Working Group on Indoor Environment and contaminants of emerging concern - Kick-off meeting, 8-9 December 2014, at IVM, Amsterdam

6th NORMAN General Assembly meeting took place on 9-10 December at IVM, Amsterdam

Workshop on 'Passive Sampling for monitoring of contaminants in the aquatic environment: Achievements to date and future perspectives'

Screening campaign of selected antibiotic resistance determinants and mobile genetic elements (AR/MGE) in WWTPs in Europe - announcement and invitation for participation

Cost Action ES1403 - New and emerging challenges and opportunities in wastewater reuse - NEREUS

Invitation of NORMAN members to the 6th General Assembly meeting: 9-10 December 2014, IVM, Amsterdam

Paris Workshop on Methodologies for prioritising hazardous chemicals in European waters: the state of play and the need for improvement - a great success

NORMAN MassBank Workshop 2014

Non-Target Screening Towards the harmonisation of methods for non-target screening of environmental samples

NORMAN should become the primary data source and global one-stop-shop for all issues regarding emerging substances.. read more in the NORMAN Position Paper on Data Collection, Exchange and Interpretation

Passive sampling - the future of pollutant monitoring  in aquatic environment

NORMAN Prioritisation framework for emerging substances is available.. to know more about the prioritisation methodology, download NORMAN Prioritisation Manual and Leaflet

What are the challenges and pitfalls of working with emerging contaminants?  Discussion of more than 80 scientists during a workshop on Sampling and Analysis of Emerging Contaminants in the Aquatic Environment: Current and Future Challenges / 1-2 March 2012, Oslo, Norway

NORMAN Network presented at Europe's largest environment conference “The Water Challenge – Every Drop Counts” / 22-25 May 2012, Brussels, Belgium