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Working Group 6: Emerging substances in the indoor environment

Co-ordinators: NILU – Norwegian Institute for Air Research, IVM Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Antwerp
Start date: December 2014







Articles and consumer products used indoors may contain a variety of both well-known chemicals and emerging substances. Chemicals emitted indoors will be present in indoor air and dust, which will become important pathways of chemical exposure for humansas well as sources of exposure in the outdoor environment. 

The main objectives of this working group are:

  • to identify which emerging chemicals and chemical groups are currently analysed in indoor air and dust and which are of concern for the indoor environment 
  • to improve harmonisation of measurement and sampling methods for the indoor environment (via the development of guidelines and organisation of interlaboratory studies)
  • to identify indoor emissions of emerging substances e.g. from products and articles using both measurements and modelling techniques
  • to identify  important pathways of chemical exposure for humans indoors and pathways to the outdoor environment using both measurements and modelling techniques
  • to improve links between policy and science in the field of the indoor environment.

NORMAN WG-6 on the indoor environment will act as a key player in the research area of “Chemicals of Emerging Concern” (CECs) and the indoor environment and will be an important link between policy and science. It is therefore important that scientists as well as industry and stakeholders are involved in the WG. 

Contact: Pernilla Bohlin Nizzetto, Pim LeonardsAdrian Covaci


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