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Outcomes of WG6 on indoor environments and ambient air













2014  - The kick-off meeting of WG-6 on Indoor Environment took place on 9-10 December at IVM in Amsterdam (meeting report).

As a result of the discussion, the following activities will be part of the short- and medium-term workplan of WG-6:

  • Development of protocols for sampling methods for air and dust
  • Organisation of interlaboratory studies (ILS) on target and non-target analyses
  • Work on database requirements (metadata needed for indoor environment monitoring data) with a view to creating a new module in the EMPODAT database for inclusion of indoor environment datasets produced by recent research projects
  • Identification of emissions of emerging substances indoors
  • Identification of important pathways of chemical exposure for humans indoors and pathways to outdoors
  • Prioritisation: set up a NORMAN list of emerging substances in indoor air and dust
  • Drafting of position papers addressed to policy-makers. 

2015 - Workplan of WG-6 on Indoor environment

Organisation of a workshop on “Emerging Pollutants in Non-industrial Indoor Environments”  - 8–9 June 2015, Kjeller, Norway (Leader NILU);

Development of a protocol for harmonisation of practices for dust sampling and characterisation (Leader IVL, IVM);

NORMAN EMPODAT Database: expert group meetings to define the metadata needed for indoor environment monitoring data (Leader IVL, IVM);

Organisation of a Non-target screening collaborative trial of organic substances in an indoor environmental dust sample in combination with INTERFLAB II (organised by University of Toronto and Masaryk University). Invitation of labs, logistics, and drafting of the CT protocol will be organised by NILU in 2015. Evaluation of the results will be done by NILU in 2016 (Leader NILU).


Information on activities and results from the WG will be given on this website, presented at NORMAN General Assembly meetings and published in the form of reports, position papers, etc.