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SETAC Europe 25th Annual Meeting

Emerging Contaminants in the Marine Environment: Presence, Effects, Regulation

3-7 May 2015, Barcelona, Spain




Organizers: KT Ho, MG Cantwell, RM Burgess (U.S. EPA, ORD/NHEERL, Atlantic Ecology Division, Narragansett, RI, USA), MH Lamoree, P Leonards (VU University Amsterdam, Institute of Environmental Studies, Amsterdam, The Netherlands).


For the last decade, emerging contaminants (ECs) in freshwater environments have been studied intensively. As a result of this research, the presence and effects of some new use pesticides, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and nanomaterials are now better understood. However, the presence and effects of ECs in the marine environment has not been as well investigated and much more research needs to be performed to address their presence and effects. Further, the development of science to support the regulations of ECs in the marine environment is in its infancy.

To address this gap in our understanding, this session will consist of presentations discussing:

  • the presence and concentrations of ECs in the marine environment including the development of analytical techniques
  • the distribution of ECs between aqueous, particulate and biota phases
  • the effects of ECs on marine organisms will be explored by looking at progress in the development of new endpoints ranging from cellular to population levels of organization
  • techniques for identifying the impacts of ECs to marine organisms in complex environmental mixtures
  • the development of environmental regulations for ECs in the marine environment will be considered with topics such as selecting and prioritizing ECs to regulate and development of EC aquatic life criteria and guidelines.

The goal of this session is to provide the audience with an up to date overview of the primary scientific issues and challenges associated with presence, effects and regulation of ECs in the marine environment.

Deadline for submission: 26 November 2014


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